Sunflower Corporation
Make more profit by trading crypto
Take advantage of crypto volatility with the terminal designed for quick trades
Sunflower powerful features
Market, limit and scaled orders. We offer 8 order types to make trading exciting and your trade results predictable and efficient.
Ultra low-latency matching system: 100.000 tps. Mean order execution latency: 0.0008 sec.
Fancy order types
Deep order book liquidity
A diverse range of trending and popular assets for trading on perpetual futures.
Trending instruments
Try and get more income with our leverage. Perpetual contracts for cryptocurrencies up to x100 leverage. A margin for fresh instruments may include x2-x20 leverage.
Leverage up to х100
Safety first
Two-factor authentication and YubiKey
Real-time monitoring
Constant, real-time monitoring for suspicious and fraudulent activities.
Withdrawal whitelist
Unassailable Custody
Unique and sophisticated wallet system lowers the risk of being hacked to zero.
Transparency Rating A Nomics
Top-3 Market Data Aggregator, Nomics, verified our transparency as highest. Here's more info about us on their website.
Beginners guide
How to make a deposit
First trade
How to use Stop loss/ Take profit
How to make a deposit
To make the deposit, you need go to [Wallet] page and click on [Deposit]
Find the wallet address in 'Wallet address' field, then copy and paste the wallet address to a third party service to initiate the transaction. We have guides for several services:
Receive your deposit. Once your funds reach us, you will see a pending transaction at the very bottom of the [Wallet] page in the "Latest transactions" section. The funds will be reflected on your account shortly.
Got it!
Note: Do not forget that each asset in your account has a separate unique address. It’s not possible to send certain coins to the wrong address, the funds can be lost forever. So always double-check any transaction.
We keep our software up-to-date, so sometimes deposits may be temporarily shut down for technical maintenance.
To find out the status of deposits of a certain coin, open the System Monitor page and see the coin status in the first column labeled "Deposits". Red color means that your deposit may be delayed and will come through once the deposits get enabled.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Deposit delays
First trade
Go to [Trade] page and find desirable futures contract in Markets widget, for example BTC
Got it!
There are different types of orders available, click on the corresponding order type to learn more about it: market, limit and scaled orders. Stop-loss, take-profit, reduce only and post only options are also available.
Step 1
To add margin to your account hit the green [Add Margin] button.
Click [Wallet] and choose account for transfer. Enter amount for transfer and hit the [Transfer] button to proceed.
If you want to use a leverage then choose desirable amount and click [Apply Leverage].
Last step — choose order type and fill amount of BTC you want to trade.
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
You also can find [Margin] button at the left corner of the screen.
How to use Stop loss/ Take profit
Press checkbox button near [Stop].
Got it!
To add margin to your account hit the green [Add Margin] button.
Fill order size in [Amount] input and press [Buy Stop].
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
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