Sunflower Corporation
Trade futures
on the most trending instruments
Sunflower powerful features
Market, limit and scaled orders. We offer 8 order types to make trading exciting and your trade results predictable and efficient.
Ultra low-latency matching system: 100.000 tps. Mean order execution latency: 0.0008 sec.
Fancy order types
Deep order book liquidity
A diverse range of trending and popular assets for trading on perpetual futures.
Trending instruments
Try and get more income with our leverage. Perpetual contracts for cryptocurrencies up to x100 leverage. A margin for fresh instruments may include x2-x20 leverage.
Leverage up to х100
Safety first
Two-factor authentication and YubiKey
Real-time monitoring
Constant, real-time monitoring for suspicious and fraudulent activities.
Withdrawal whitelist
Unassailable Custody
Unique and sophisticated wallet system lowers the risk of being hacked to zero.
Transparency Rating A Nomics
Top-3 Market Data Aggregator, Nomics, verified our transparency as highest. Here's more info about us on their website.
All the necessary features for comfortable trading.
A user-friendly trading terminal
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